DygitalME is your digital profile – storing all your information securely and easily. It allows a user to securely store documents, attach notifications and share this information with others.

ByPaul Maddison 25 Aug,2016

Admin? Nobody got time for that!

Who loves admin? No one. Why? Because no one has time to waste standing in queues with people who don’t know the concept of “personal space

ByPaul Maddison 25 Aug,2016

Fading Receipts And The Need To Fix This Problem

According to The Telegraph, “UK shoppers are struggling to return goods to shops after their receipts are fading away” and to make things wo

ByPaul Maddison 28 Apr,2016

Digital Contracts

Have you ever wondered why there are so many forms and pages to sign? How often do you read all that fine print, and if you had to object to a

ByPaul Maddison 14 Apr,2016

Notifications – How to Avoid Expired Documents

As a young adult, university or college student, it can be frustrating when you get fined for missing a key date; and standing in long queues to

ByPaul Maddison 30 Mar,2016

How much is my time worth?

Time is money, information has value and if organisations don’t value my information or my time, why should I give them my money? So, how mu

ByPaul Maddison 22 Mar,2016

The Retail Industry

As a frequent shopper, and a youngster who needs to get some sort of credit rating, looking into getting a shoppers account is on the list of thi

ByPaul Maddison 11 Mar,2016

Data Breaches and Your Right to Information Protection

The protection of personal information remains in the headlines. This is not only because of data breaches, or Governments arguing with Facebook,

ByPaul Maddison 1 Mar,2016

The Impact of Paper-Based Forms

Why would an organisation, with today’s technology, continue to use paper based forms? This question has vexed us for some time. Even with the

ByPaul Maddison 1 Mar,2016

The Impact Of Personal Information Laws on SMEs

In South Africa, POPI legislation is creating waves, no doubt. We're seeing negative reporting on how damaging the act will be to some businesses

ByPaul Maddison 1 Mar,2016

Digital Organisations

In the early 2000's Contract Management Software was a big hype, and many products and services around the discipline were introduced, but when

ByPaul Maddison 19 Feb,2016

What if we looked at big data differently?

In the digital revolution we are being bombarded with how technology will disrupt industry, how the Internet of Things will impact our daily live

ByPaul Maddison 19 Feb,2016

The protection of your personal information

Practically, how does this legislation affect us as individuals in our daily lives? It’s nice to know that Government is behind us in prote

ByPaul Maddison 19 Feb,2016

Identity Theft

How serious is the problem and what can we do about it? Identity theft is a the fraudulent act of stealing someone’s identity in which an in

ByPaul Maddison 8 Feb,2016

What Is The Value of My Information?

Consumers globally are aware that their information has value. Simply look at the valuations of tech companies like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn

ByPaul Maddison 8 Feb,2016

The Value of an Authenticated Profile

Whether you are an individual or a company, very few commercial transactions take place without some sort of verification that you are who you sa

ByPaul Maddison 8 Feb,2016

Information Security

Financial institutions, government agencies and other data sensitive infrastructures are under continual threat from hackers, but with the approp